Conference papers and research seminars

  1. June 2019, roundtable on Medieval Travel Writing, organised by Sebastian Sobecki and Anthony Bale, at the 8th Biennial London Chaucer Conference.

  2. October 2017: ‘“Stranger denisons”: neighbouring languages and metaphors of migration in late medieval and early modern writing’, invited speaker at the Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literatures, University of Southampton.

  3. March 2017: ‘Constructing a Genre: Eyewitness Writing in the Middle Ages’, invited speaker at the Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Reading.

  4. July 2016: 'Rethinking "the historian's right of invention"', part of The Experience of Fiction roundtable thread organised by Julie Orlemanski and Marco Nievergelt, at the 20th Biennial Congress of the New Chaucer Society, University of London.

  5. February 2016: 'Constructing a Genre: Eyewitness Writing in the Middle Ages', invited speaker at the Medieval English Research Seminar, University of Oxford.

  6. July 2015: ‘“Nowe to my tale and ye wylle tende”: historical books and their vocabulary for storytelling’, Conference of the Early Book Society, Oxford.

  7. April 2015: ‘Anglo-French flyting, in Latin, in the Hundred Years War’, Crossing Borders in the Insular Middle Ages,c.900-1500, Philipps-Universität, Marburg.

  8. July 2014: ‘Writing history on the walls of public houses: a fourteenth-century Anglo-Scandinavian encounter’, at the 19th Biennial Congress of the New Chaucer Society, University of Iceland, Reykjavik.

  9. July 2014: ‘“Þe whiche trewes he fasly and ownetreuly, by cawelaciones, loste and disqwatt”: the political idiolect of late medieval English chronicles’, at the seventh International Chronicle Conference on the Medieval Chronicle, University of Liverpool.

  10. February 2014: ‘“Thy dedes may neuer forgoten be”: retelling medieval history in the sixteenth century’, invited speaker at Cardiff University MEMORI (Medieval and Early Modern) research seminar series.

  11. January 2014: ‘The politics of writing history: changing representations of Edward III and Henry V’s French campaigns’, invited speaker at the Political Culture Research Group seminar, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York.

  12. December 2013: ‘On the trail of the “trew copy”: the manuscript footprint of a fifteenth-century war poem’, invited speaker at the Centre for Medieval Studies research seminar, University of Bristol.

  13. November 2013: ‘“The word moot cosyn be to the werkyng”: Chaucer and etymology’, invited speaker at the 5th Biennial London Chaucer conference, Queen Mary, University of London.

  14. July 2013: ‘“What shalt thou do when thou hast an english to make into latin?” Proverbs as Translation Sentences in Fifteenth-Century Grammatical Miscellanies’, part of the session ‘Pedagogy, Policy, and Play: Reading Practice and Practising Reading in the Fifteenth Century’, co-organised with Aisling Byrne and Megan Leitch for the Leeds International Medieval Congress.

  15. April 2013: ‘On the trail of the “trew copy”: the manuscripts of John Page’s The Siege of Rouen’, invited speaker at the Magdalene Medieval Society, University of Cambridge.

  16. February 2013: ‘A tale of two cities: Edward III’s siege of Calais and Henry V’s siege of Rouen in chronicle, poem and play’, invited speaker at the Queens’ Arts Seminar, University of Cambridge.

  17. May 2012: ‘Purity and pueritia: the problem of childhood innocence in medieval courtesy books’, invited speaker at the Medieval Reading Group, University of Cambridge.

  18. March 2012: ‘They do things differently there’: romancing the present in 14th- and 15th-century historical poetry’, at the 13th Biennial Romance in Medieval Britain conference, St Hugh’s College, Oxford.

  19. September 2011: ‘Fragmentation or assimilation? The case of a fifteenth-century war poem’, at the Fragments and Fragmentation Colloquium, Pembroke College, Cambridge.

  20. May 2011: ‘“Fra Englisse blode Englande he refte”: broken history and broken language, 1300-1600’, invited speaker at the London Medieval Society post-graduate colloquium.

  21. April 2011: ‘“Fresch anamalit termes”: the contradictory celebrity of Chaucer’s aureation’, at the 4th Biennial London Chaucer Conference, Senate House, University of London.

  22. March 2011: ‘Setting the word itself against the word: the legacy of the Hundred Years War in the sixteenth century’, at the Renaissance Graduate Symposium at the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge.

  23. January 2011: ‘“To destroy and ruin the whole English nation and language”: the Hundred Years War and its linguistic front’, invited speaker at the Middle English Graduate Seminar at the University of Cambridge.

  24. July 2010: ‘Words and war in accounts of the conflict between England and France, 1337-1453’, at the 17th Biennial Congress of the New Chaucer Society, Università per Stranieri di Siena.

  25. April 2010: ‘Art’s ambiguous subject: the Hundred Years War in late medieval romance’, at the 12th Biennial Romance in Medieval Britain conference, University College Cork.

  26. April 2010: ‘Materiality and memorialisation in medieval war poetry’, at the Centre for Material Texts inaugural conference, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge.

  27. August 2009: ‘The dregs of the cup of trembling: the ambivalent symbolism of the cup in medieval literature’, at the Medieval Feasting, Gift-giving and Hospitality conference, University of Cambridge.

  28. January 2009: ‘The legendary landscape of Britain: place-names and Trojan myths in medieval histories’, at the Magdalene Festival of Landscape, University of Cambridge.

  29. May 2008: ‘Grounding in language: place-name etymology and the myth of Trojan foundation in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae, Wace’s Roman de Brut and Laʒamon’s Brut’, to the Medieval Reading Group at the University of Cambridge.